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  • Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine

Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe

An internationally active non-commercial organisation for medicine and research dedicated to the safety and health of sport divers. Various international research projects covering a broad range of subjects relating to human physiology during and after diving. Training of research divers.

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Karolinska-Institutet Stockholm

A number of clinical research projects and basic studies, including for example research in the application of HBO “Hyperbaric Oxygen in Lower Limb Trauma (HOLLT-Study)“, and for “Radiation Induced Cystitis Treated With Hyperbaric Oxygen – A Randomized Controlled Trial (RICH-ART)“

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University of Liverpool, Cancer Trial Unit

HOPON study: “Hyperbaric Oxygen for the Prevention of Osteoradionecrosis“

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Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC), Plymouth, Devon

A hyperbaric chamber centre with various clinical research projects as well as basic research in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Focus is the research of diseases and their consequences for divers as well as the project: HOT II – HBO & Long-Term Effects of Radiotherapy for Pelvic Cancer.

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Australian Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Research Group, Prince of Wales Hospital

Various projects in the field of clinical and basic research into diving and hyperbaric medicine. Critical assessment of studies, preparation of meta-analyses, reviewing the application areas of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a range of illnesses.

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Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Evironmental Physiology, North Carolina

Various clinical research projects and basic research into the areas of diving and hyperbaric medicine as well as altitude medicine focusing on diving medicine and physiological changes to the body in response to pressure changes.

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Oklahoma State University, Center for Aerospace and Hyperbaric Medicine

Research centre for aerospace and hyperbaric medicine focusing on basic research and human physiology under various pressure conditions.

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Centre for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine