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  • Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine

HAUX- Starmed 2200 5,5

Our centre in Aachen is equipped with a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber, used on a daily basis to treat outpatients, inpatients as well as patients requiring intensive care.

“Bring along something to read, switch off, and let the oxygen work!”

U. P. F. Siekmann

Comfort and safety in our modern multi-person hyperbaric chamber

At our HBO centre in Aachen, treatment with hyperbaric oxygen takes place in a HAUX-Starmed 2200 5.5 – a modern multi-person chamber

It comprises an antechamber and the main chamber providing space for up to 12 patients seated or two patients recumbent. Our patients enjoy comfortable chairs and two generously upholstered patient lounges for bedridden or ICU patients together with a climate control system with heating and cooling systems.

Schematic of hyperbaric chamber

Schematic of hyperbaric chamber

Excellent visual contact is possible from inside to outside thanks to the carefully positioned portholes with optimised viewing angles. Patients are monitored via continuous oxygen partial pressure measurements at all treatment places, ECG and blood pressure monitoring as required and our intensive nursing attendant who is present in the hyperbaric chamber throughout the hyperbaric session. A permanently activated intercom system and five CCTV cameras provide for continuous video monitoring to create highest possible safety standards and ensure continuous contact with patients in the chamber.

If necessary it is possible for the hyperbaric physician and other medical staff to enter the chamber through the airlocks via the antechamber within just 60 seconds. The smaller airlock allows medicines or any required equipment to be transferred into the chamber at any time.

At a glance selected technical data of the HAUX-Starmed 2200 5.5:

  • Long main chamber, inner length 5.12 m, chamber diameter 2.20 m, antechamber length: internal 1.0 m, total height 2.45 m.
  • Total weight approx. 14 tonnes
  • Permitted operating hyperpressure 5 bar (6 ATA) equivalent to a diving depth of 50 m in water
  • Operator-friendly computer control system HAUX-DECOMAT plus option of manual/pneumatic control
  • 300,000 litres compressed air reserve
  • At all times one redundant high pressure and one lower pressure compressor with air conditioning equipment
  • Non-interruptible emergency power supply in the event of mains power failure
  • HAUX flat floor technology for easy level chamber access without ramps.

Control unity respirator

Control unity respirator

The hyperbaric chamber in Aachen is equipped with a Siemens ventilator for artificial respiration, ECG monitors, arterial invasive blood pressure measurement and other intensive monitoring within the chamber: together this means that the hyperbaric chamber in Aachen is one of the few locations in Germany offering emergency and intensive treatment as well as intensive medical care based on latest standards.

The annual testing and auditing in compliance with MedGV and MPBetriebVO by Germanischer Lloyd and redundant technical controls by TÜV Rheinland safeguard top medical standards and requirements. Certification and control of all work procedures, consumables and staff are implemented by Germanischer Lloyd and Norske Veritas.

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