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  • Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine

Our HBO team

teamThe experienced team at the hyperbaric chamber centre in Aachen is there to provide you with treatment and support.

The medical director at the centre is one of the most experienced hyperbaric physicians in Germany. Dr. Ullrich Siekmann is “diving and hyperbaric consultant” to the German society for diving and hyperbaric medicine and has been in charge of the hyperbaric chamber centre in Aachen providing HBO treatments since 1995. He is assisted by a large number of qualified specialist doctors and qualified hyperbaric medical attendants.

All staff have of course been trained in accordance with the guidelines issued by the GTÜM and are refreshed in regular further training and continuing training courses.

Under the leadership of Medical director Dr. Ullrich Siekmann, an experienced team of hyperbaric physicians covering a wide range of disciplines provides assistance during HBO therapy sessions.

Group photo of hyperbaric attendants

Group photo of hyperbaric attendants

Our hyperbaric chamber centre in Aachen places the priority on not only successful treatment but above all on your safety and the wellbeing of our patients. Every session in the hyperbaric chamber is accompanied and supervised the entire time by qualified in-chamber medical staff. Our hyperbaric attendants, trained intensive care nurses, are certified by the association of German hyperbaric chambers (VDDEB) in co-operation with the GTÜM e.V.

We attend to your needs and provide support throughout your treatment.

Our hyperbaric operators are professionals responsible for the technical operations of the hyperbaric chamber.