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  • Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine

Oxygen: The basis of a healthy body


Oxygen mask, worn during the treatment session

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, abbreviated as HBO, is a treatment method embedded in modern conventional medicine and applied internationally in many medical disciplines. It is a method which has been used for many tens of years to treat people after diving accidents and -following the start of heart surgery in 1960 – as a routine treatment for many illnesses. Today, HBO is used world-wide to successfully treat a broad range of diseases and complaints.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses pure medical grade oxygen as the medication, administered to patients at greater than normal pressure under medical supervision.

The medical-grade oxygen is breathed in through a mask while in the hyperbaric chamber and enables diseased tissue and sensory cells in the body to regenerate permanently – triggering and accelerating healing processes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy therefore represents a significant medical alternative which can be used in a complementary and supportive fashion for standard therapies or in the case of conservatively treated patients as an additional and highly effective treatment method.

HBO is a gentle, individually customised, well tolerated and safe treatment method from which patients – and their health – can derive major benefits. Your quality of life is the focus of all our activities.


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Centre for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine