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Costs for HBO treatment

The exact costs of hyperbaric oxygen therapy depend upon the actual treatment protocol and the necessary treatment period. It is therefore crucial to have a non-binding initial meeting with our physicians for comprehensive advice and review of findings and medical history.

Assumption of costs by insurer


Reflecting the fact that it helps secure quality of life and avoid chronic diseases and their follow-up costs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is economically viable for both patients and insurers.

Private medical insurers generally accept the costs for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Private medical insurers general cover the costs provided a specialist medical professional has determined the indication and stated the application of the therapy is scientifically justified. à see The indications.

Professional associations generally reimburse therapy costs in a similar fashion to private medical insurers based on the recommendation of a medical consultant. The application for cost reimbursement can of course be filled in by our doctors, obviously only with your consent.

Subsidies/aid. Civil servants in the German civil service have the possibility of having therapy costs reimbursed subject to certain indications. We can help in making the application.

Statutory health insurance organisations only cover the treatment costs under certain conditions, dependent upon the disease. The costs are not covered for all indications specified by professional associations. An application for reimbursement may, however, be submitted based on a medical certificate and recommendation for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The organisation then makes the decision based on the information available on a case-by-case basis.

Persons paying themselves. In those cases where the treatment costs for HBO therapy are not or only partly covered by health insurers, it is still possible for persons to pay themselves, also in instalments. Please contact us before this is necessary. We will apply all our experience and draft a well argued detailed treatment plan to encourage your health insurer to accept the costs.

Cost Takeover

We have the aim to make the HBO-Therapy accessible for all our patients. Please contact us and we will care about your individual case.

HBO therapy in the HBO Centre Euregio Aachen – Please get in touch

If a specialist medical professional has issued an indication for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the physicians here at our centre will of course help in submitting an application for cost acceptance by your insurer.

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