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  • Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine

Hyperbaric medical professionals – Dependable experience and professionalism

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been successfully applied in Aachen since June 1996. Working in collaboration with a number of practising specialists, hospitals in the Euregio region of Rhein-Maas (Germany and Holland) and the university hospitals in Aachen and Maastricht, treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy has established itself in the region and has helped many patients in more than 42,000 individual treatments to date compliant with latest scientific standards.

The treatment is available to both inpatients and outpatients. Very sick patients also have the option of intensive care therapy in our facility.

In collaboration with your general physician or specialist doctor we seek to attain the best therapy results through the exact monitoring of therapy success and ongoing information exchange with all parties concerned.

Hyperbaric chamber monitoring and control centre

Relaxed breathing and well being

Our top priority is your safety and your comfort. During the course of your treatment you will be looked after not only by the treating specialist doctor for hyperbaric medicine, but support staff qualified in hyperbaric medicine –  also in the hyperbaric chamber itself.

The treatment course generally comprises from 10+ to 30 therapy sessions, depending upon the illness requiring treatment. We offer treatment on a regular basis, six days per week, and in emergencies around the clock.

Please use these pages as a source of information and contact us with your medical issue. You’ll feel better for it.

Expertise and medical standards

The medical foundation stones for the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy were compiled in a collaboration between European international specialist organisations and the scientific umbrella organisation in Germany, the Gesellschaft für Tauch- und Überdruckmedizin E.V. (Society for diving and hyperbaric medicine). The principles regulate for example the periods of oxygen breathing, the specific therapy pressure in the hyperbaric chamber, staff qualification as well as the therapeutic window for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

As a founder member of the association of German hyperbaric chamber centres (VDD) we ensure total compliance with all specific and general quality and safety standards.

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Centre for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine