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In-depth medical advice before every HBO therapy


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is both effective and safe.

The first step before anything else is to be given comprehensive consultation and information about the therapy. Initial meetings at our centre serve to clarify indication aspects and consider the options for and suitability of the hyperbaric chamber. This is then followed by an orientational physical examination and any necessary diagnostics. You will also be extensively advised as to possible risks and side effects.

Once all feedback consultation has taken place with your treating doctor, your therapy can start. The comprehensive preliminary examinations and consultation provided by our doctors is the ideal way of ensuring that we can offer the very best in terms of maximised safety and therapeutic success.

In the hyperbaric chamber – time to read

Once all of the preliminary examinations have been concluded, the treatment proper can start. The chambers are designed for a number of persons, each with their own comfortable chair, although it is also possible to install couches in order to satisfy any specific patient needs.

Once in the chamber the first step is to slowly raise the pressure. During this “compression phase” patients breathe normal air and have sufficient time for pressure equalisation.

Once the therapeutic pressure has been reached, the oxygen masks are put on. This marks the start of the actual treatment with hyperbaric oxygen in which, apart from small intermissions, pure oxygen is breathed. This is known as the “isopression phase”. Your body immediately starts to process this highly dosed gaseous oxygen and you have time to read your favourite book or simply relax for a few moments.

Profile of problem wound therapy scheme

Profile of problem wound therapy scheme

Throughout the entire treatment session, you are looked after and accompanied by our hyperbaric medical attendants who are also in the hyperbaric chamber with you. The personnel in the chamber accompany the treatment throughout and are always at hand for advice and help if needed.

Towards the end of the treatment, the “decompression phase” commences in which the pressure is gradually reduced back to normal atmospheric pressure. After a brief pause the session concludes and you leave the hyperbaric chamber.

Support in covering HBO and travel costs

We are of course also available with help, for example when applying for your medical insurance to pay for the treatment, if necessary. We will also be happy to provide any other support we can upon request.

Please arrange an appointment or simply call us; we will then deal with your personal issues.

“Take a good book with you, simply switch off and let the oxygen work!”

U. P. F. Siekmann
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Centre for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diving medicine


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