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Welcome to the HBO Centre Euregio Aachen

We are pleased that you have visited our hyperbaric chamber centre for hyperbaric oxygen therapy: thank you for your interest.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a conservative internationally acknowledged and modern medical treatment method in which medically pure oxygen is breathed in at a pressure above normal atmospheric or ambient pressure. The body’s own healing processes are boosted in a natural way, and regeneration is speeded up. Our centre in Aachen is equipped with a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber, in which we treat outpatients, inpatients and ICU patients on a daily basis.

This website provides you with information, background and explanations about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO therapy) and also provides details of our hyperbaric chamber centre in Aachen. The various options, indications and successes of HBO therapy are presented. All information available here has been compiled with the greatest diligence, but should not be understood as a substitute for a personal, one-on-one patient-doctor meeting.

 Please contact our doctors and staff with any questions and suggestions you have. We will be pleased to apply all of our expertise and experience to your issue and look forward to providing consultation in a personal meeting. Please use these pages as a source of information and contact us with your specifics for the benefit of your health.

Patient reports

    • 05 MAY 14

    Patient report – treatment of osteomyelitis

    My name is Lara, and I am 16 years old. Following an operation on my right big toe the wound became infected. This was not discovered for a long time and so it was not properly treated and resulted in osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone). After presenting at the Uniklinikum AC, my doctor prescribed 30

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    • 15 JAN 14

    Patient report – treatment of osteochondrosis dissecans

    Since I turned 13 years old I have suffered often extremely severe pain in my right knee. It was only when I was 26 that I was finally diagnosed: osteochondrodis dissecans, a small fragment of dead bone in my knee joint. Unhappily there is no actual therapy – dead is dead after all. I then

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The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is successfully practiced when it comes to acute or chronic illnesses which benefit from a higher offer of oxygen. Read more →

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